What is the average timeline of your projects?

Currently, our projects range from one month to one year.  Ayiti Nexus has the organizational capacity to implement long-term contracts although each consultancy differs in needs, and timeframes are determined on a case-by-case basis.


How much do you charge for your services?

Services are customized at Ayiti Nexus, therefore each activity budget is unique.  However, we typically charge a daily fee for professional services (consultants’ time) with an added administrative fee to cover the cost of doing business in Haiti.


Do you work in all regions of Haiti?

Our reach is extensive due to our offices established in the West and the North departments, and due to the flexibility of our organizational structure. The firm may occasionally partner with entities established in other regions to efficiently meet a specific project’s objectives.


Do you work outside of Haiti?

At the moment Ayiti Nexus does not work outside of Haiti but on occasion will host events and build bridges between actors in Haiti and in other relevant countries, around issues such as environmental preservation.


How long has the firm been operational?

Ayiti Nexus has been providing quality services in Haiti since June of 2012.


How can someone join your team?

If interested in working with us as a consultant or an intern, take a look at the Opportunities page on the website, fill the appropriate application and submit it with your CV. We will get back to you in case your profile matches our needs.