Connect with Haiti

We leverage our unique local strategic development experience to help agencies and businesses make measurable change in Haiti.

What We Do


We help you reach specific target audiences in Haiti by designing communication strategies with high social impact and broad awareness generation.

Business Development

We ensure your ability to enter the new market with no surprises. From ground logistics to market research, you’ll have everything in place to successfully launch your new venture.

Program Support

We use our expertise to make your program a reality, assisting and facilitating improvements every step of the way for maximum local engagement.

About Ayiti Nexus

A women-led company, Ayiti Nexus began in 2012 with a desire to raise the standards, diversity and job creation in the country that needs it.

With presence in two strategic cities, Port-au-Prince and Cap-Haïtien, Ayiti Nexus is a key connector and enterprising partner for organizations operating, or about to operate, anywhere in Haiti.


Ayiti Nexus Projects

Haiti from Below

A deep dive into the unique underwater world of Haiti.

Haiti from Below: Museum Exhibit

Transforming the museum space into a unique underwater world experience of Haiti.

Waste Management

Designing communication campaigns for spreading awareness about effective waste management solutions that are critical for Haiti.

Partnerships & Networks

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Work With Us

Rely on our strategic skillset to turn your next project into a harbinger of change.